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Dear Customers,

Travel company Rasul Tour is now ready to accommodate you on whichever form of ECOTOURISM excursion (or mixed excursion) you prefer: Historical, Cultural, Birding, Mountaineering, Cycling, Trekking, Water or Still Water Rafting, Tubing, Camping, Animal Sighting, Food and Drink Excursioning, SPA Restoration, Exploration (include the ancient city of Penjakent along the Old Silk Road) or simply, Vacationing, viewing the beautiful countryside. The landscape is breathtaking. (We especially welcome families and Honeymooners).

Come breathe our air which is the clearest and cleanest in the world. We treasure that and our unique natural resources; we seek to best preserve them so that your children and grandchildren can come and explore our sustainable ECOTOURISM paradise in the future. Come and discover why Alexander The Great was so enraptured with Tajikistan, with its beauty and peoples, that he selected his wife from here.


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