Tajikistan petroglyphs

Prehistoric rock drawings have been found in more than fifty places in Tajikistan, many of which are in the Pamir mountain area. Some date from as far back as 1,000 B.C. These drawings, either chipped out of the surfaces of granite rocks by means of a stone or scratched with a knife, depict hunting

Fortress Kah-Kaha

Fortress Kah-kaha- It is situated on the bank of the river Panj, on the isolated rocky height, stretched out along the river 1km east from the settlement of lower Namadgut. The length of the fortress from West to east is 675m, from South to North-220m.

Karakul lake

Karakul or Qaraqul ("Black Lake"), also formerly known as Lake Victoria, is a 52 km (32 mi) diameter lake in the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan. It lies within the Tajik National Park. The lake lies at an altitude of 3,900 m (12,800 ft) above mean sea level.

Yashikul lake

Yashilkul means "green lake". It is situated 3,700m above sea level and is 19km long and 1 – 4 km wide, with a maximum depth of 50 m. The water temperature is never above 14°C. The water is fresh and pure; schools of fish swim in the shallow water, and sprouts of seaweed can be seen between stones t

Takhti Sangin (OX Temple)

The so-called Amu-Darya treasure trove (Ox Treasure-trove), the collection of unique treasures is stored in the British museum. The treasure-trove was found in 1877 on the right bank of Amy-darya (called Ox river by the ancient Greek). The trove is comprised of more than 2000 golden and silver coins

The mausoleum of Hoja Mashad

Located in the Saed village, the mausoleum of Hoja Mashad staggers minds with the monumental nature of its shapes and amazing brick layers. It is the only wood-carved museum that survived till our days. Known as “Kabodian”  the area where the mausoleum is located has always served as an attraction f

The mausoleum of Mir Said Ali Hamadoni

A valuable piece of ancient architecture dated back to 14-16 a.d., the mausoleum of Mir Said Ali Hamadoni is located in the center of Kulob city serving as his resting place. His son Muhammad, his relatives and mausoleum’s former warden Shohi Tolikoni (from Afghan town Tolucan) are also resting in p

Navruz palace

Navruz palace – initially building “Kohi Navruz” (Palace of Nowruz) was planned as a teahouse, but during the constrction become into a palace. Kohi Navruz has – 12 unusuall halls, each of which is made in a special style.