The so-called Amu-Darya treasure trove (Ox Treasure-trove), the collection of unique treasures is stored in the British museum. The treasure-trove was found in 1877 on the right bank of Amy-darya (called Ox river by the ancient Greek). The trove is comprised of more than 2000 golden and silver coins and jewelry pieces dated back to 4-3 B.C. The trove was revealed by local people who  then sold it to traders heading to India, from where the trove had finally reached England. Unique finding were revealed in the huge temple that was built in 4-3 B.C. and existed even through the first centuries a.d. Most probably those were the gifts for the temple. The discovered objects included the bust sculpture of Alexander of Macedonia, a scabbard with the image of a lion holding a deer in its claws, treasure boxes made of elephant bones and decorated with etched images, the largest collection of arrowheads in Central Asia (more than 5 thousand) and other items of Greek military ammunition.


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