There are around 1450 lakes concentrated across Tajikistan some of which are located at the altitude of more than 4000 meters above the sea level. Sarez lake is one of the most beautiful and mysterious lakes of Tajikistan. This pearl of Pamir mountains is also called the “Slumbering Dragon”. A massive earthquake occurred in this region in winter of 1991 shutting Bartang (Murghab) river’s stream. The logjam formed due to earthquake’s aftermath was named Usoyskiy. The Usoy village was buried under the huge piles of fallen rocks. This landslide gave the base for forming a new lake that had later flooded the Sarezskiy village in October 1911 giving the lake its familiar name. Sarez lake is stretched for almost 60 kilometers while the deepness of its waters is approximately equal to 500 meters.


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