Lake Kulikalon (big Lake) is situated at an altitude of 2,800m, and  is the second largest lake (after Iskandarkul) in this area. The lake actually consists of two lakes: Bolshoi (large) Kulikalon and Maly (smaller) Kulikalon, which are connected by a channel. The northern shore of the lake is indented with large and small creeks separated by capes and crevices. The lake shores are wooded. The water from Maly Kulikalon goes underground and emerges again 600m below as the Urech River. The water at the southern end of Bolshoi Lake is noticeably cooler than at the northern end where it is possible to swim. Its colour also changes near the shores. It looks as if the black bodies of dead animals lie motionless in the bluish-green water. There are marinka (Schizothorax) fish in the lake.Kulikalon means 'Big Lake' in Tajik.


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